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A plump girl of 10 years, menarche not attained presents with pain abdomen since yesterday after she came back from school, about 1 noon. The pain is in the sides of abdomen and centre too, and when I change sides or move, like I came in an autorickshaw, the jerks on the road too made my pain worse. Even then she has been eating well, no loss of appetite, infact dr , said her mom, she overeats. 3 days ago she had throat infection so we gave her antibiotics and since yest she got this pain abdomen and also passed urine in bed at night involuntarily. She hasn’t taken water since morn, tongue dirty, but not coated white.
Yest she had loose stools, today no bowel movement. She sits with her arms across the abdomen and smiles at me.
Kindly rescue
Dr Aparna Singh.

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