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Hahnemann Materia Medica Pura.
Inflamatory fever, give a small dose of aconitum and also
in G. Meassels, milliar purpura, acute pleuritic fever, its
power of cure is marvelous, and rarely will need a second
dose after 36 or 48 hrs.
In acute cases, probably after 12 to 16 hours of the first dose
action and intermmediate remedy will be needed. and rarely
a second dose will be needed after this intermmediate remedy
even dough Aconitum is considered a short action remedy
in acutes, it is also good for cronic ailments as tension of
the blood vessels.Acon. is also for crup, laringitis with thirst
and rapid pulse.with anxiety, impatience, mental exitement,
restlessness. It produces all the morbid states similar to those
seen in persons who have had a fright combined with vexation,
and is also the surest and quickest remedy for them.
It is one of the most PHOBIC remedy.
In the selection of aconite as a homoeopathic remedy particular
attention should be paid to the symptoms of the disposition,
so that they should be very similar.

Hence it is indispensable after fright or vexation in women
during the catamenia, suppressed menses by such emotional
disturbances. Most of the apparently opposite aconite symptoms
recorded below are merely alternating states,
Vegetable acids and wine antidote its effects, and so do other
medicines which correspond palliatively or homoeopathically
to some of it├óÔé¼Ôäós troublesome symptoms (produced by too large
a dose or unhomoeopathic selection).

by Beatriz H Hill

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