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Common name: Ash leaved maple, Box Elder

In the California Medical Journal, 1898, Dr. 0. S. Laws, of Los Angeles California, writes of a new “pile” remedy, Negundo :

I suggested that we have a “Symposium,” in our journal, on single remedies.

They are the backbone of whatever science there is in therapeutics, and should be kept in view.

As a starter I offer one that is entirely new to the medical fraternity, as I cannot find it in any medical work.

In botanical language it is known as Negundium americanum.

The common name is “box elder.”

It is a native of Kansas. It is a distant relative of the Acer family. I had just fairly begun to test its value when I left Kansas for California, and not finding it here, except as a shade tree on the sidewalks, I cannot get any of the root bark, which is the part used.

From the short experience I had with it I conclude it is the best internal remedy we have for hemorrhoids.

I have used Collinsonia and Aesculus without ever being impressed with their prompt action.

But Negundo goes at it as Colocynth does in its specialty, so that the victim who has been writhing with an engorged rectum “will arise up and call you blessed.”

So you see this is not only a single remedy, but a “fundamental” one.

Recent cases of hemorrhoids can be completely cured in this way, and the old hard cases temporarily relieved.

So, gentlemen of the medical profession, I hereby introduce to you my friend Negundo.

New, Old And Forgotten Remedies
By E. P. Anshutz

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