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ARTEMISIA ABSINTHIUM, common wormwood, Ajenjo
Green ginger, and be carefull not to confuse it with Artemisia Vulgaris.
Its name, from the Greek ARTEMIS, a goddess of the hunt, and
protector of the forest and children as the goddess of fertility.
Its meaning UNENJOYABLE, because of its bitter nature, can be poisonous.
Homeopathic remedy with the characteristic in minor epilepsy where counsciousness is not totally lost “a vertigo getting up with tendency to fall backwards” and in epileptoide vertigo, constant signs of cerebral congestion of the base of the brain.
Has the perfect picture of eipeptiform seizure/nervous tremors preceed attacks, the first effect is exhilaration of the mind which is ofcourse followed by damaging results aming which is a horrible delirium in which the patient betters by moving, walking, walks in distress seeing all sort of visions. bites its tongue and foamy saliva as a Key note. Horrible dreams.
Effective in the sleplessness of typhoid fever with brain congestion.This patient does not remembers the cause or the reason for taking ajenjo, does not cares if he dies.
In children for nervous excitement and sleplessness, kleptomania, Orange coloured urine, strong odor like horse urine. Cold feet
BeatrizHHill June 24/2011

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