A study of the SNAKE REMEDIES

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Snake venoms have been widely used as homeopathic remedies in their potentised forms.

H. A. Roberts, in his paper analyses the snake remedies to their personal habits.

“However, it is characteristic of all the snake venoms that in the proving there is an excessive sensitiveness to touch. The snake is an antagonist of every living  creature; he avoids all contact with other creatures, except for food when his is the offensive attitude. The snake does not coil to strike at haphazard, there is a regularity to this posture in many snakes.

The provings of the remedies prepared from snake venom invariably develop in the direction of the symptoms, the same direction as the snake takes in coiling. For instance, the LACHESIS always coils from the left to right; LACHESIS symptoms, in the provings, start on the left side and move towards the right, with the aggravation usually on the left.

ELAP CORALLINUS; the little coral snake, has its natural habitat in the hot sands near the equator. One of the most characteristic symptoms of the ELAPS provings is the marked aggravation from rain or approach of rain; rain seems to create a feeling of horror in the provers. The aggravation from rain or its approach in ELAPS out-generals this symptom in RHUS TOX.

On the other hand, CENCHRIS CONTORTRIX, the copper head, has its habitat in regions with much tree growth, notably in the hilly region of New York and New England. Provings of the remedy have brought out the symptom of an intense longing for the woods.

From ancient times the hand of man has been turned against the snake; almost every living animal hates and fears the reptile. It is characteristic of the snake venom, in their provings, that there is always the element of fear- the fear of enemies, suspicion.

LACHESIS fears someone is behind her, and dreads sitting so that someone might injure her in the back; she cannot endure having her back towards anyone else in the room.

CROTALUS HORRIDUS, the rattle-snake, imagines himself surrounded by enemies.

ELAPS has a fear of being alone, but does not wish to be spoken to.

CENCHRIS has such a nervous apprehension that is causes the atient to tremble and the teeth to chatter, with the belief that his enemies are plotting against him.


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