A case of secondary Infertility with threatened abortion.

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This patient came to me for the constitution of falling of hairs from the forehead and the graying hairs since a few years. She was going through ayurveda treatment for the same and as there was no change somebody advice her to come to my clinic and this photo was taken at that time.

She was aged 31 and have a boy child aged 10.Though she is from our village, married to Haripad (nearly 45 km away from here.Her husband is an engineer and a very busy man. My first question to her was”why don’t you have a second child,?

“Suddenly I saw her face become gloomy and eyes blinking. After a pause she opened her story. She really wants a baby child and they tried for the same. But unfortunately all the attempt went against it and she conceived 3 times and all of them she lost before the 3rd month.Then the gynaecologist advised her not to try for the it again as her uterus have no capacity to carry the same.
I told her that ” Don’t worry you can have another child with the help of Homoeopathy “. Then she burst into tears and sorrow and after a while started open up the stories.

Usually husband leave the house early in the morning and then she has to take all the responsibilities and duties and her mother in law always verbally abused her for everything. I told her that this kind of mortification may be the reason for the miscarriage .So don’t worry about it we can make it and gave her the 1M Potency of the medicine and asked her to call me if there is anything new happened to her .

Adviced her to come with the husband in the next visit and just before the next visit the husband called me and expressed his inability to come and gave the assurance that he will be coming in the next time. Then adviced him to have a semen analysis done before the meeting and agreed to do it.
But after my advice he was very much careful about her and later she reports to me about the amenorrhoea in the next month, advised her to wait until the 10 th day of the expected date and on the card test the result was positive. After that she was allowed to have a consultation with the gynaecologist and later she delivered a boy child on 29-9-2015 .

She called me from the hospital bed and informed the happiest news of her life.

What’s her Remedy?

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