A case of Primary Infertility due to Oligospermia.

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15 years ago a person stepped into my consulting room without sitting in the waiting room . He had no patience and no respect to to all the patients who were waiting before him. He barged in and requested for medicines for his goat .

I was angry and asked, “You see there are people sitting outside with children, why can’t you just wait for some more time? What I am doing here is treating people and not animals.”

So if you want medicine from me please wait outside until your turn comes ” He then went out and I saw him waiting in the visitors room
He waited nearly an hour and then as his time came, he was still standing, Then asked him why he didn’t have a child?.

The problem was with him, as there is Oligospermia, (with less than 30% actively motile sperms) he was going through allopathic treatment for quite some time and as there was no results he stopped that. I gave him assurance that we will see results if you come with your wife tomorrow morning at 9.30am . Then I gave him some placebo for his goat.
When I reached the clinic in the morning A well-dressed person with his wife were sitting in the waiting room.

It was he! What a change?
He was addicted to smoking tobacco, cigarettes etc. This itself was enough to confirm the medicine. I gave him the 30th Potency of the medicine in number 40 size pills to be taken BD for one week followed by placebo BT and asked him to stop smoking if you want it.

When he came to for the second visit, I have noticed a change in his attitude and he reduced the smoking, and then I repeated the process and by 3rd month he came and reported that his wife has missed her period this time. I asked him to wait until the 10th day and have a pregnancy card test done thereafter.
On the 10th day he came back and announced that the test was positive. She was blessed with a fine baby with a normal delivery.

What do you think is the medicine I gave him?


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