A Case of Peripheral Vertigo

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This is a case of Vertigo, a woman who in her late 70s staying nearly a km away from my clinic. Her son who is running a shop very close to my clinic.

Some 28 years ago one fine morning at about, 11 AM he rushed to me and want to take me to his house for the constitution of his mother who have a sudden attack of Vertigo and then we rushed to the house.

Her BP at the time was 150/90.When asked about any history of fever, she told me that she had a fever some two days ago. By the time I have no idea about the medicine to be given.

After the consultation ,they offer me a glass of lime juice and while taking it ,suddenly I noticed that she is sitting on the bed. Then the Homoeopath in me came up with a question. “Amma why are you sitting? It is better to lye down in the bed and take rest “No no no,I can’t lie down,it is better to sit up, otherwise I may have the Vertigo “ OK.

Then we leave the house and after reaching the clinic took the Kent Repertoire and then I searched for Vertigo and then I found out that Symptom “Vertigo lying while” To my surprise there was only one remedy as the head remedy and then I took the Boricke MM and searched the medicine and it was well written in it and confirmed that my selection is the similimum to my patient. Given the 30 th Potency of the medicine and asked him to report to me in the evening. By evening he reported that his mother is perfectly alright and thereafter she came to the clinic some 3 days later and was perfectly alright.

She lived up to the age of 100 and died recently. Once she came to Homoeopathic treatment she never visited any allopathic hospital and whenever she gets a disease came to me and I was able to manage all her problems with Homoeopathic medicine only.Even at the time of her departure from the earth I was called in to confirm the death

This is what Homoeopathic treatment can offer to patients. Yes we can treat all of you and prolong life without any damage to your organs.

Now can you find out the medicine.

After the meeting with the patient my diagnosis was “A case of peripheral vertigo” since there was a history of fever some days back, and as she could not lying on the bed during complaint ,if it was due to hypertension most probably she may have to lie down. And a BP of 150/90 at the age of late 70s is to be considered as normal.

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