A case of Eczema

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A child three years of age had eczema capitis.

Under allopathic local treatment the eczema disappeared ; but soon enterocolitis of a very obstinate character set in. Then the regulars could not “do” that as they had the eczema, and after they had given up the case, pronouncing it consumption of the bowels, the homœopath (myself) was called in on the ground that he could do no harm, if he could do no good. Child greatly emaciated, little or no appetite, very restless, and “stools brown fluid mixed with undigested substances and of an intolerable fetid odor.” Taking into the account the history of the suppressed eczema, I prescribed Graphites 6 m (Jenichen) and in a short time a perfect cure was the result. (Nash.)

REMARKS.- Psorinum has a similar stool as was present in this case, but the eruptions of the two remedies are different, and this one corresponded to Graphites.
If this case of so long standing had not had the eruption I might have thought of China on account of the extreme weakness from long continued drain or loss of fluid, for China is another remedy that has brown fetid loose stools. So one must take in the whole case psora and all. (N.)
See my “Leaders in Homœopathic Therapeutics” for another case of eczema of the legs cured by Sulph. followed by Graphites. (N.). It will be remembered that with sulphur all the orifices are red. With Graphites they are :
1. Eczematous, eruptive or fissured.
2. The eruptions are moist, with thick glutinous discharge.
3. Obesic persons are its true subjects. These three characteristics present, it will cure many different affections.

A case from the clinic of Dr. Nash