A Case of Bipolar disorder cured

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A Case of Bipolar disorder cured
A young woman of 31 yrs, an artist.
I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder 3 yr back.
I was on many allopathic drugs but stopped them all due to excessive side effects.
I also took 2 yrs homeopathy from Bombay, from a famous doctor, who my friend suggested, but did not help.
I felt betrayed as he could not help me at all.
I have depression since long.

What are u seeking ?
I want to be myself. I dont know what is happening. I feel i am in a maze.
I feel as if my soul is wandering over me. Its getting mixed and shaded with the colours around it.
sometimes i am shining blue and sometimes i am shining in magenta. I personally like the parrot green hue.
It feels very thrilling and also very scary. Both the feelings come at the same time. I feel as if i am left to choose one.
and i find it difficult. I feel like flying always like that … my spirit wandering and communicating with the elements of the nature.
I feels so surreal. I also feel scary after that.What if i could not come back in to my body ? Then, how will people know me ?
I feel insecure afterwards. I then become worrysome and brood why its happening. What is going on around me ? I really dont know what i shoudl be doing then.
This is always there. Its thrilling but scary afterwards.

What is scary ?
I feel scared. What if i am lost like that ? what will happen to my body ? i am scared of it being abused.
I hate it. I dont like that at all. I get very paranoid then. I am intensely scared. I am not what i am at times.
Am i a different person ? I have a tendency to stare at people. Always. Even now when i am talking to you, i am staring at your face and thiking about you, what harm you could do.
I feel weird after that. Dont know why that happens. Is my soul not under my control ? Or is it my mind ? I am confused.

What do you think i can do ?
Uhmm … dont mistake me … i feel u can abuse me. U can take advantage of me. I hate my privacy being invaded.
I dont like a man who sleeps with me only because he wants to violate me. It sadly happened many a times. I hate that. But i have no other way.
I think so. I have to submit, if i have to live and be going. Its a part of life for me. but i constantly keep searching for answers.
Answers to what i should do, to be recognised and acknowledged. I feel it very intrusive but i had to undergo … may be in future too.
This is a bad world. There is a lot of injustice. I hate it. But i cannot do anything about it. My voice would be stubbed even if i wanted to shout.
No one would believe me and even if they would, it would make me more vulnerable.

what is recognition ?
I am not valued for what i am always. i have to always keep cheking with myself, am i doing things or not ? i feel worthless, lot of confusion.
i have at times thought of ending my life but lacked the courage to do it. I feel very miserable. Or is eveyone feeling the same but are not revealing it ?
every one is an artist ? they are only emoting artificially but are experiencing the pain inside ? i have so many doubts.
i dont know. What should i do ? i have no answers. I feel dazed. I am stuck in a signal and dont know where to go.
all road seem so alilke. I am lost.

What is it u seek ?
I want to be known for what i am. I hate wearing masks. I cannot be a playtoy always.
no one is valuing me. Even after doing good performances, i am not sure of who i am.

I dont know. I want to be known as myself.
So this lady was given a remedy first, which helped her a lot.
later, the state persisted, which had called for another remedy.
finally settling after another remedy all together.
So, after giving her the first medicine she was relatively asymptomatic for 7 months and again the same hallucinating state came back but was of lesser duration and   intensity. I repeated the same remedy in a higher potency. Again after 6 months she came back.
She then said, I had a headache which was severe and I felt it would shatter my head to pieces. I was badly disappointed by a past boyfriend. He cheated …
Ever since, I am having these episodes.
 And that paved way to the next and final remedy I gave her. Which many of u felt … was a bird.
*What was the first remedy ?*
*Would the final remedy have also helped remove the state fully ?*

*Was there a need for the Intercurrent ?*
The episodes cleared after Anhalonium lewinni 10M
Anhalonium has intense out of body experiences. They hallucinate very deeply. They merge into the environment.
Del. everything seems unreal.
Del everything is strange
Merging of self with ones environment.
Delusion sees faces mask like.
Del of visions colorful.
Decomposition of shape and space
Confusion of mind, of situations.
 The key of Anhalonium is Confusion of mind, as to his identity. There is depersonalization and loss of self control. They dissociate from environment. No identity of self.
He feels he is invisible, that he is like a spirit.
 She promptly responded well to that medicine.
 She was later given Ignatia MM as an intercurrent.
Shattered sensation.
 I too had a psychotropic substance in mind. I was getting it between LSD, Agave and Cannabis.
But later when she got out of the neuropsychotic state, she was given
Corvus corax 1M ( Raven )
She was out of her hallucinations and out of the body stuff … but her original state of feeling her privacy and self, being trespassed upon.

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