A case of ADHD

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This boy who is a student at the Special school run by a famous Hospital was brought to the clinic for treatment and was directed to me by the Psychologist of the hospital.

This boy is the second child in the family and the first one is a girl child and she is doing well and studying in a nearby school.

The father of the boy is an alcoholic and used to quarrel with the mother every night and in the morning he is quite OK.In the early days of their marriage he used to have alcohol very little and after the delivery of the first child he becomes an addict and the second pregnancy was happened during an act like rape as the mother was not willing to go for the same as there was no financial security and the child was born in a normal delivery and at that time he seems to be a normal person. The milestone of his childhood were delayed and as he started speaking everyone noticed that there is some problem with it. He went to Anganvadi at the age of 4 and later one of his relative’s a doctor who directed them to join at the Special school. He was very punctual and takes bath early in the morning and take a good quantity of food as breakfast and lunch. Usually other children in the area not allowing him to play with them as he he was slow in responding to the games.

If you look at the case you can see the slowness in answering and the very bright face and the smile and the shyness. These attitude made me think of Baryta group but I have decided to go with the other medicine and gave him the 1 M Potency a dose every day for one week . After one month he showed good changes in his attitude towards studies, playing and watching TV etc. And repeated the same in the next month and after three months the Psychologist informed his happiness in the improvement the boy.

Later the treatment continued for some more months. Now he is doing well. This was taken some 5 years ago.
This shows the importance of family history in this type of ADHD cases

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