Elaps Corallinus

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Tincture made of the venom received on sugar of milk.
Vertigo with tendency to fall forward
Weight in the stomach after eating
Canine hunger, yet unable to eat,
Fruits and drinks lie on the stomach like ice
Desire for cream and sweet milk, cold stomach+

Paralysis on right side, FEAR OR RAIN, fear to be alone

< 8-pm every day. Without thirst, followed by dry heat
and burning redness or the face.
Chilliness and heat alternately for a few minutes,
then heat for a quarter of an hour.
Coldness aggravates by drinking cold water,
after a drink shivering from head
to foot with chattering of the teeth.
Terrible coldness after drinking and as if ice
water were rising and falling
through a cylindrical opening in left lung.
Right leg up to knee, cold as ice.
Arms cold by putting hand in cold water.
tongue deep red, clean, or swollen and black
Fear to be alone, Desires sweet cream,
Black secretions like all snakes.
Beatriz H Hill

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